True Forgiveness

IMG_2628 copy2What does true forgiveness look like? I’m mean, the forgiveness that we are to have towards other people who have wronged and hurt us? Let’s try this on for size:

(big smile) “Of course! Jesus took the punishment for all of our failures and shortcomings. I’d be happy… to forgive you! Don’t give it another thought.”

Isn’t that the kind of forgiveness that God gives us? No holds barred, total release and a blessing on top of it. This is the same thing that He asks us to give to others. Forgiveness from the heart.

Offering that kind of forgiveness can seem like a scary thought; wouldn’t it would leave us open, laid bare and vulnerable? Actually, the opposite is true. If we dare throw ourselves open to such a degree, who can lord it over us but the Lord, Himself. We are free.

It is failure to offer forgiveness from the heart that will keep us imprisoned in torment, maybe forever (Matt. 18:35). Grudgingly saying, “ok, I’ll forgive,” and then brushing the whole thing under a rug in our hearts doesn’t quite get the job done. However subtle, there is a blockage in our faith.

Holding back may reveal a root of fear deep within us – fear that we’ll come up short or be hurt further. It really reveals a subtle root of pride and rebellion; we want those who’ve harmed us to pay up for what they’ve done.

How can we possibly live at this level? It is humanly impossible to do with all sincerity. It comes by deeply trusting Christ in you, the hope of glory. The revealing of the glory of God is directly connected with knowing His love.

It’s risky to speak straightforwardly of these things, because another day of testing always comes. Godlike forgiveness may not seem easy and the fullness of it may not be manifest through us immediately. It begins with a decision, and then we continue to press into God until the hold of the fleshly attitude breaks. As always, trusting the Lord is the only answer.

I believe that pressing into our victory in this is a key ingredient to manifesting the glory of God.

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