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3. Authority to Throw off Intimidation of Other People and to Overturn the Attacks of the?Enemy.
These two issues are related. The work of the enemy is involved in both, even though it comes to us in different ways.
I walked into a room and there was a person I recognized there. This person was known for the critical, harsh, and demeaning words they used as weapons against others, including myself. When I entered the room, the person immediately turned in my direction and began making a rude, derogatory remark. I dismissed them with a wave of my hand and kept on walking. No longer would I affected in the

IMG_2628 copy2I’m sure that you are, just as I am, seeking the Lord about how to accomplish the dreams and desires that He has placed in our hearts. How do we have the manifestations that we are looking for? Do you ever get to that place of frustration where you’ve…


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