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IMG_2628 copy2What does true forgiveness look like? I’m mean, the forgiveness that we are to have towards other people who have wronged and hurt us? Let’s try this on for size:

(big smile) “Of course! Jesus took the punishment for all of our failures and shortcomings. I’d be happy…


IMG_2628 copy2I’m sure that you are, just as I am, seeking the Lord about how to accomplish the dreams and desires that He has placed in our hearts. How do we have the manifestations that we are looking for? Do you ever get to that place of frustration where you’ve…


IMG_2628 copy2It’s time to prepare for the increase that we desire.

It’s time for a release of the glory. It’s also time to have manifestations…


by Delaine Allen

His name popped up again last night over coffee.

We had just come from a movie with our friends, and the four of us?were sitting?down at the coffee shop. (“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”. No, no, no…I can’t recommend it. While the leading man learned his lesson, the moral standards of the characters in the movie are deplorable. Sad thing is, their antics were obviously striking a chord with the audience.) While we were visiting, the name of Doubting Thomas


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