IMG_2628-copy22-150x150[1]Duh! How could I have not seen this before? Well, I did see it before, but not with this impact.

I was reading in Genesis 26:12, how Jacob sowed in the land during famine?and how he reaped a hundred-fold in…?that same year. I? just started to?flip over to something else when a spark went off inside of me, and I took another look. There it was.

Jacob sowed real seed into real dirt.

Previously, every time I looked at that scripture, I had onlyapplied this?to sowing financial seed into ministries (hold that thought! I’m coming back to it). But here in Genesis, it was very real and very practical, no theory or allegory:?actual physical?seed,?actual soil, and actual 100-fold harvest.

I had been examining and weighing some things before the Lord. I know that Jesus was made poor that we might be made rich (2 Cor. 8:9?) This was a covenant substitution just the same as He was made sin that we might be made the righteousness of God, in Him. He took stripes on His back that we might be made whole.

There is also, though, the issue of sowing and reaping. Psalm 112, reiterated in 2 Corinthians 9 makes it clear that financial giving brings financial harvest. So, how do we reconcile these two very true concepts: We have it all in Christ, but increase? comes through giving and receiving?

I have learned that whenever I’m doing what I refer to as “pondering before the Lord”, weighing questions in my heart, it’s usually because the Lord, Himself has prompted it. And because I’m seeking, He gets to answer. From this comes a new level of revelation. Whenever we see two concepts that we know?to each be true, but that don’t quite mesh or even msy seem to be contradictory, we need to dig deeper. There is a key that will bring them both together for a fuller understanding.

So here’s the short version of what I saw. We are complete in resurrected Christ Jesus, blessed with every spiritual blessing. He has already given us all things pertaining to life and godliness. We are in Christ, and are blessed with Abraham the believer. Now, because of this, we carry that covenant anointing and blessing so that everything we sow into?should yield?multiplication, including but not limited to finances.??This is?faith-related,?so the sowing that yields multiplication is action stemming from revelation of the Living Word/Word-who-was-made-flesh-Jesus-now-glorified/heavenly vision.

This translates to the daily actions that we take in ministry and business. We are taking practical steps and sowing seeds of finances, work, and faithfulness according to the vision for our lives that God has laid out for us to fulfill. We can expect the fruit, the increase. What a relief! What a release!

Because of delegated authority, there must be an earthly action taken by one with dual authority (earthly and heavenly) to makes way for the heavenly. But we’ll save that for another day.

So now, as wise stewards we take what the Master has given to us, and cause them to multiply.

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